Story Time: Tips for Reading Books with Your Young Kids

young child reading a book

Reading with your kids daily is one of the most important things a parent can do. Building reading time into your day enhances literacy skills and carves out some quality time together.

Here are a few ideas to help you instill a love of literature into your child’s life:

  • Give your child a choice between two books. That way, they can point or use their words to request their preference.


  • Offer books with repetitive language, such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, or Goodnight Moon, so your child learns what to expect and can start filling in words as you read repeatedly.


  • Point to pictures in the book as you read. For example, when reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, point to the fruits when naming them and counting them. This helps your child pair the vocabulary word with the picture.


  • Let them turn the pages. This action helps with active participation in the story, direction following, and helps develop fine motor skills


  • For children ages 0–2, you can skip reading the words in the book. Focus on environmental sounds and simple vocabulary as you look at the book together. You could say, “Sheep…baaa! Slide…wee!”


  • Pair actions with simple pictures. For example, snap your arms together, like a huge mouth, when you talk about an alligator or waddle back and forth when you read about a penguin.


  • Choose books with simple pictures. Lifting flap books or books with a tactile component (e.g., furry, bumpy, scratchy) allows your child to experience textures and helps them build their vocabulary. You could say phrases like, “This feels bumpy,” or “This one is soft and smooth.” 

If you have concerns about your child’s language development or reading skills, our team of therapists is here to help. We encourage active family involvement and use the best research-based treatment plans for your child’s success. Have questions about finding the best therapies for your child’s speech and language challenges? Contact us today.