When therapy is specific and contextualized, your child will achieve growth more quickly, and their improvements will last a lifetime!

Basal Therapies is a full service pediatric therapy center in Frederick, MD, specializing in speech, occupational, feeding, physical, mental health therapies, and social-emotional support. We proudly serve children and adolescents in and around the Frederick community with meaningful, individualized plans that provide them with life-changing results.

We’re more than just a standard children’s therapy clinic. Our holistic approach includes assessing your child’s unique interests and family life and incorporating them into a treatment plan designed with each child’s specific needs in mind. We not only support children, we support the whole family with parent-centered education and intervention.

You are not alone. Basal Therapies is where passion meets progress, every child, every family, every day.

We offer a variety of services to support your child and family.

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Parenting Education

Addressing many pressing topics that are important to our parents and families.

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Pediatric Outpatient Feeding Program

Creating an individualized treatment plan that uses evidence-based techniques.

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Pediatric Mental Health

Creating an effective treatment plan that addresses the behavioral challenges.

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Improving fine motor skills and the ability to perform the activities and functions of daily life.

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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Using comprehensive evaluations to determine the underlying causes of speech difficulties.

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Community Services

Community-based services are therapies provided by our licensed providers at community locations, such as schools and centers. This service delivery model provides the opportunity to bring your child’s therapies into real-world situations and environments.

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