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Basal Therapies has changed our lives. When we started with Ms. Autumn, our son could say a handful of words. With her dedication and love, he has progressed to full conversations in a year and a half. Her guidance, compassion, and counseling has given us the ability to communicate with our child. The staff here is beyond amazing.


Jonathan Z.

I’d like to share our experience with Basal Therapies and the impact it’s had surrounding our two sons’ speech development over the past 18 months.

We’ve had the privilege of utilizing both in-center and at-home therapies with Kathryn and Autumn for separate and uniquely challenging speech issues. Following a thoughtful evaluation of their needs, Basal’s innovative care setting kept our highly energetic sons actively engaged in the exercises of their personalized development plans.

We were also fortunate to utilize Basal’s in-home and in-school offering that allowed our children to benefit from Autumn’s kind and creative approach. It’s been wonderful for them to receive expert guidance in a familiar atmosphere where they could relax and focus on tangible steps that have dramatically improved their ability to effectively communicate. Autumn has extended a truly outstanding level of care.

Basal Therapies provides unmatched patience and expertise coupled with a new approach in multiple care settings. We’re deeply grateful for their dedication to giving our kids a voice!


Archer and Walter T.

Parenting kiddos with special needs can often feel like a lonely undertaking, but since our girls started therapy at Basal, I finally feel like we have a team that has our backs. Our therapists have been beyond amazing and so beautifully achieve the perfect balance of research-based intervention while still treating our girls like the individuals they are. Our therapy team at Basal is also next level when it comes to collaboration with each other and our family in working towards the goal of our girls becoming the best versions of themselves. We are so thankful to be part of the Basal family!


Anna and Maddie F.

My two sons started at Basal when they were a little over a year old. My husband and I had no idea where to begin or how to help them progress developmentally. Kathryn took us in with open arms and helped our entire family! She was gentle, fun, honest, and compassionate, which was the perfect fit for our boys. Through out our time at Basal, our boys have seen Kathryn and Michele for speech therapy and both therapists have gone above and beyond to work with our boys and make it fun at the same time. We have been lucky enough to also utilize OT with Madeline and Pre-K with Angie. The combination of therapy has made a world of a difference. Each therapist has become part of our family and we are so thankful for the support, progress and expertise we have and currently receive through Basal.


Melissa F.