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The definition of basal is “relating to, situated at, or forming the base.”

The definition of basal is “relating to, situated at, or forming the base.” At Basal Therapies, we believe the best approach to pediatric therapy is a focus on foundational learning that allows both child and family to thrive.

Pediatric therapy is not one-dimensional. Effective treatment plans encompass all five developmental domains.

Five Developmental Domains

Your child will achieve success only when therapy addresses all aspects of the developmental domains.

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How your child thinks and learns

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How your child understands and uses both verbal and non-verbal forms of language and communication

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Adaptive Skills

How your child uses self-help activities to improve their health and safety

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Motor Development

The ways your child moves and manipulates their environment using gross and fine motor skills

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Social-Emotional Skills

How your child learns to make sense of emotions and develops meaningful relationships with others

What Sets Basal Therapies Apart from Other Pediatric Therapy Centers?

Basal Therapies understands that families seeking pediatric therapy often feel isolated, overwhelmed, and intimidated. We don’t feel that getting your child the help they need should feel more like a battle than a partnership and we believe that every family should have access to programs and treatment that come from innovative research.

At Basal Therapies, you will not only be welcomed into the therapy process but will be encouraged to play an active role in your child’s development, too. We understand that for children to succeed, families need to be involved and informed.

Basal Therapies wants to be sure your family and your child have a clear understanding of what therapies are recommended, how they will be implemented, and what success looks like for your child.

Basal Therapies is more than just another pediatric therapy center; we are your therapy partners and your complete family support practice. Basal Therapies is where passion meets progress, every day.