Getting the Most From Your Child’s Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy sessions are only successful if there’s a perfect fit between the child and their therapists. Let’s go over the information you’ll need to make sure that happens.

Factors to consider to maximize your child’s physical therapy:

How is a Pediatric Physical Therapist Different from an Adult Therapist?

Pediatric Physical Therapists work exclusively with children under the age of 18. While for adults, the focus may be on rehabilitation, pediatric physical therapy focuses on treatments to help children improve their movement patterns, flexibility, pain reduction, range of motion, and strength. Pediatric Physical Therapists evaluate and treat children with:

  • Injuries
  • Disabilities
  • Chronic illness
  • Muscle issues
  • Balance and coordination issues
  • Delayed gross motor skill development
  • Other diagnosed conditions

Pediatric Physical Therapists design treatment plans that will make a child’s everyday activities easier to accomplish.

Finding a Qualified Pediatric Physical Therapist

Getting the most out of your child’s physical therapy will start with finding a qualified pediatric physical therapist. These are physical therapists who have completed their educational requirements and hold a license in physical therapy, but who have also spent at least a year of clinical residency in the pediatric field. It’s important that they are board-certified.

Choosing a Location for Physical Therapy

While home-based physical therapy is an option for some, we believe that your child will get the most from office-based physical therapy sessions. Here at Basal, the therapist will have access to all necessary equipment, as well as the ability to collaborate with colleagues as needed.

Finding a Great Provider

Finding a good pediatric physical therapist is the first step in effective therapy. Ask for recommendations, check testimonials and reviews, and don’t be afraid to talk to potential therapists in person. You’re looking for one who is:

Good with Kids

Obviously, finding a therapist who is good with children is important. Watch how they interact, and how your child responds to them. Is he or she displaying patience? Does it look like your child is having fun? Does your child trust them? Patients will get more out of their physical therapy sessions when they form a bond with the therapist.


Your child’s physical therapist should be established within the pediatric industry. This means they’ll be knowledgeable about your child’s needs, and able to put together a holistic, effective treatment plan with clear goals in mind.

Inclusive of the Entire Family for Treatment Plans

Young children may not understand why physical therapy is important. It’s vital that the family is included in the treatment plan so they can help their child reach their goals, both in sessions and with extra physical therapy exercises at home. A great pediatric physical therapist will take the time to educate parents and family members on the treatment plans, and include them every step of the way.

Basal Therapies Will Ensure Your Child Gets the Most from Physical Therapy Sessions

After a comprehensive evaluation identifying the underlying causes of your child’s delayed milestones, pain, or limited mobility, Basal’s Pediatric Therapists create a holistic treatment plan, individualized for each child, to ensure they get the most from each therapy session. See the difference a Basal Pediatric Therapist can make in your child’s life. Contact us today!