Don’t Let a Summer Break Set Your Child Back

Basal Therapies employee high-fiving young boy

Summer will soon be here, and we all know that means fun in the sun, playing outdoors, and enjoying a break from school. But we want to talk about how important it is to keep up with your child’s therapy even during the summer months. 

Imagine this: a bright and energetic six-year-old named Emma is making amazing progress during her occupational therapy sessions. She’s been working hard all year to improve her fine motor skills. Now, her handwriting is legible and her confidence has never been higher. But in June, when the summer break hits, Emma’s therapy sessions halt. With no school, there’s no therapy, and her progress starts to slide backward. By the time school starts in the fall, she’s already lost some of the skills she had worked so hard to develop. 

No matter the time of year, every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential. Basal Therapies understands why children like Emma need to continue their therapy sessions even during the summer break. 

Maintaining Progression With Children’s Therapy 

It’s hot outside, and the morning school bell has been replaced by the afternoon jingle of the ice cream truck. Especially for a kid, this is a season dedicated to having fun. But it’s still important to know that even in summer, occupational, mental health, and speech therapy are crucial for children. It helps them develop the essential childhood skills needed for daily life. But when June rolls around and children’s therapy services abruptly stop, your child’s progress stops as well. As if stalled progression wasn’t enough, regression or even loss of skills could occur and developed skills could be lost

For example, if your child has been learning how to speak clearly in their speech therapy sessions, suddenly stopping and taking two or three months off can unravel all the progress your little one has made. This may cause them to be behind their classmates in September when they go back to school. That’s why keeping up with consistent therapy sessions during the summer is so important. It will make it easier for your child to hold onto their skills and build on the progress they’ve already made throughout the year. 

Addressing Summer Challenges Through Therapy 

While it’s a lot of fun, summer changes your child’s routines. This disruption can lead to sensory overload. New experiences and increased social interactions can be overwhelming and create challenges for a child who has special needs. But, children’s therapy sessions can teach them some valuable coping strategies for handling these stressful situations.

Our therapists work with children to help them develop skills for detecting and overcoming sensory overload. We help children practice social skills in structured settings, and our sessions can give them a structure that will help them adjust to routine changes. We support children during the summer break, so they can continue developing the skills needed to achieve their goals. 

Reinforcing and Building Childhood Skills 

In the summer, individualized children’s therapy sessions can be focused on developing and strengthening specific skills. This can also be a time for developing new skills and addressing any needs that may have been overlooked during the school year. Whether it’s fine-tuning motor skills in occupational therapy, building their strength and coordination in physical therapy, or learning how to communicate effectively in speech therapy, our summer sessions can significantly improve your child’s development. They’ll be able to regulate their emotions and feelings through continued mental health services. By staying on top of these, they’ll be ready to go back to school confidently. 

Family Involvement and Support 

Parents and other family members are the most important people in a child’s life. That’s why it’s so important for you to support your child’s efforts and demonstrate your commitment to their ongoing success. Especially during the summer break, using children’s therapy techniques throughout your daily routine can help to reinforce the skills your child is focusing on during their therapy sessions. Openly communicating with your child’s therapists and staying involved in their treatment plan will help increase the benefits. Working together as a team, we can help your child reach their full potential! 

Benefits Beyond Therapy Goals 

The benefits of occupational, physical, and speech therapy go far beyond simply developing specific skills. They also help promote your youngster’s well-being, confidence, and independence. These traits will set them up for success both in school and everyday life. When you prioritize therapy, you invest in your child’s future by laying the groundwork for their long-term success. So don’t let your child regress during their school vacation. Instead, let’s work together so this can be a time for their continued growth and progress. 

Continued Growth and Development 

It’s essential to support your child’s growth and development all year long. While school may take a break, your child’s needs won’t. Continuing to maintain consistent therapy sessions and addressing summer challenges allows us to give your child the opportunity to keep making progress so that they can achieve their goals. 

We’re proud to be here, ready to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our children’s therapy services, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s work together and make your child’s summer break a time of growth, development, and success!