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Elementary Social Emotional Support Group

November 4th- December 16th

Grades K-3

Strong social-emotional skills help kids build a foundation for relationships with friends and family. In our supported social groups, strategies and activities are tailored toward your child’s age and interests. Strategies practiced will help them gain confidence, resolve conflicts, make and keep friends, manage stress, avoid peer pressure, and learn about others’ feelings.

Cost for this group is $210 for 6 sessions (skipping Thanksgiving, 11/25)

Please note in compliance with CDC recommendations- regardless of vaccination status masks will be required to be worn during the group time.

*this is a child-only group and parents/caregivers will need to wait in their car

Strategies to Improve Executive Functioning

In this group, your child will learn strategies to help improve cognitive skills used to analyze tasks, break them into steps, and keep them in mind until the task is completed. Executive functioning skills are needed for your child to manage their time effectively, remember information, understand written directions, solve multi-step problems, and organize thoughts in writing.

Future Groups

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Group

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) encompasses a variety of techniques and tools to help individuals express thoughts, wants and needs, feelings, and ideas. In this group, your child will have a chance to communicate with others who are also using AAC. Topics will vary based on group interests and needs.

Caregiver Support Group

These groups are for parents who desire to gain knowledge and understanding of their child’s development and disorders, to learn about community resources for kids and families, and to gain emotional support for the challenges of raising a family with children with delays and disabilities.

Child & Caregiver Storytime

These sessions will focus on improving socialization through songs, early literacy skill development, and peer interaction. You will work on early language skills taught by a licensed speech-language pathologist to help develop your child’s speech production, language comprehension and expression, and basic concept knowledge.

Best of all, you will leave with a new book and the confidence to make story time come alive in your own home!

Creative Colors: Art Therapy

Making art is effective in improving mood, sensory integration, and calming the body and mind, especially with children who have experienced traumatic events. Additionally, art therapy is a non-verbal communication tool and effective for children that have difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings.

Elementary: Social Thinking/Social Detective

We will introduce three ways for your child to become a Social Detective. Children will explore ways to figure out what other people mean by what they say and do. Making observations and predictions about another’s actions, feelings, and non-verbal communication will set your child up to learn more about SuperFlex and the unthinkables!

Feeding groups

Our feeding group is for children who are picky eaters and problem feeders. We will use play-based as well as evidenced­-based approaches to address the feeding needs of your child in a fun and relaxed environment. Each group is led by one therapists with extensive training in a wide variety of feeding-based therapy techniques.

Handwriting Fundamentals

We will provide a fun approach to writing and help refine pre-writing and writing skills. Our trained therapists will be using the Handwriting Without Tears Program, which uses a multi-sensory approach. This includes manipulating, singing and feeling for handwriting success.

Learn to Ride a Bike

In this group, your child will participate in activities that will help them improve balance and motor coordination. They will learn to sequence steps needed to independently and safely ride a bike!

Learn to Tie your Shoes

In this group, your child will improve dexterity through developmentally-appropriate play activities. They will learn to sequence steps needed to achieve independence for this essential skill!

Let’s Play! Sports Readiness

Participation in organized, team sports may be an enjoyable way for children to increase their physical activity. However, they need fundamental motor skills, such as throwing, running and jumping, to have an enjoyable and safe experience. In this group, you child will practice those foundation skills!

Lunch Bunch

Help your child navigate the social challenges of the lunchroom! In this small group, your child will learn ways to make and keep friends, participate in conversations, and practice problem-solving!

Managing BIG Emotions

In this group, children will explore ways to manage big emotions, such as anger, worry, excitement, or sadness with use of various coping strategies, tools, even familiar objects!

Mini Motors

This group is designed to rev up your little mover’s engine! Children will practice navigating their environment safely to increase participation in play and learning! Led with input from our special educator and physical therapist, your mini mover will grow their foundation for early learning.

Motor Movers

This group is designed for a tune up of your child’s fine and gross motor skills! Children will practice skills related to fine motor and body coordination, along with strength and balance! Activities will compliment grade level expectations.

Pop Social Skills

Thematic events for a night of fun and a great way to learn strategies to help your child make new friends, engage in shared enjoyment, and practice strategies they can use with their own peers!

Social Playtime

This social playtime will help your toddler learn how to begin engaging in a group, including sharing during activities, and taking turns in simple routines and games! Early language learning and movement activities will enhance your child’s development!

Strategies to Improve Attention

In this group, middle schoolers will learn strategies to help improve cognitive skills used to analyze tasks, break them into steps, and increase focus to complete them!