Frederick Preschool & Summer Camp Registration Now Open!

We are committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn, grow, and progress at their own pace. Our dedicated staff, comprehensive curriculum, focus on safety and security, and integration of therapy practices make us stand out as a leading choice for early childhood education in Frederick.

Inclusive Programs for Children with Delays & Disabilities


Are you looking for a preschool program that will support your child’s individual growth while focusing on developmentally appropriate skills? Our child-first facilities provides: 

  • A stimulating, nurturing atmosphere. 
  • Dedicated and experienced staff.
  • Comprehensive curriculum.
  • A focus on safety and security.
  • Integration of proven therapy practices to boost learning.

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Summer Camps

Looking for a great summer camp for your child? Our staff loves to provide a fun atmosphere that provides:

  • Stimulation and education. 
  • Structured and leisure activities.
  • Positive peer interactions.
  • A continuation of therapeutic learning experiences!

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