Special Education Preschool Teacher

Organization Description

Basal Therapies is a multidisciplinary pediatric out-patient clinic providing Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, and Physical Therapy services to the community. Group programs and specialized preschool opportunities are also part of our service offerings. Basal Therapies offers a unique therapeutic experience with accessibility to all services under one roof, leading to team collaboration and a holistic approach to each child’s treatment.

Basal Therapies believes that by focusing on foundational learning, there is an increased likelihood of future progress. The following values guide our decision-making and service provision alike, and are relevant to both the children and families we serve, and also for our team and their own families.

Passion: a deep sense of commitment, compelling action, to work toward the goals we set

Growth: progress and positive change over time

Collaboration: sharing ideas and skills to produce an outcome or common goal greater than one that would be developed individually

Adaptability: an ability and willingness to change in order to accommodate different conditions

Community: being connected and collectively responsible for adding value to what happens to and for a group

As a team member of Basal Therapies, you will be working within a collaborative and innovative environment to bring the vision of “progress through passion” to families in our community! This drives our mission through our passionate providers who share a love for building strong foundations for families and the children that we serve.

Position Description

Join our Basal Therapies team and contribute to the growth and development of children and their families in Frederick and surrounding communities. We are seeking a dedicated and passionate Special Education Preschool Teacher to join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience working with young children with special needs and a strong commitment to providing inclusive and individualized educational support. The Special Education Preschool Teacher will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to develop and implement tailored instructional plans, create a supportive learning environment, and promote the social, emotional, and academic growth of each child.

Responsibilities & Duties

Direct Student Contact

  • Plan and deliver engaging and developmentally appropriate lessons that address the diverse learning needs and styles of preschool-aged children with disabilities
  • Provide direct instruction and support in areas such as language development, social skills, cognitive skills, and adaptive behavior, using evidence-based teaching strategies and assistive technologies
  • Foster a positive and inclusive classroom environment that promotes a sense of belonging, independence, and self-confidence among all students
  • Collaborate with families, therapists, assistants, and other professionals to ensure coordinated and comprehensive support for students with special needs
  • Monitor and assess student progress regularly, using formal and informal assessment tools to track growth, identify areas for improvement, and adjust instructional strategies as needed.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of student progress, and behavior
  • Communicate regularly with families to share information about student progress, strengths, and areas of concern, and provide guidance and support for extending learning experiences at home
  • Adhere to ethical and professional standards, including maintaining confidentiality, promoting positive behavior management techniques, and advocating for the rights and needs of students with disabilities

Other Duties

  • Help develop new programs and/or services in collaboration with other team members and leadership team
  • Be professional and courteous in all written and verbal communications with clients, colleagues and other business associates
  • Participate in team meetings, professional development opportunities, and collaborative planning sessions to enhance teaching practices and contribute to the overall success of the program


  • Bachelor’s degree in Special Education or related field (Early Childhood and Master’s degree preferred)
  • Hold a valid teaching certificate from MSDE or any other state for early childhood in grades N-3; Special education certification preferred OR 6 semester, 90 clock hours or equivalent of approved early childhood coursework
  • Experience working with preschool-aged children with disabilities, preferably in an inclusive classroom setting
  • Knowledge of developmental milestones, assessment tools, and evidence-based instructional strategies for young children with special needs
  • Ability to adapt instruction to meet the individual needs and learning styles of diverse learners
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous improvement in teaching practices
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    Work as an effective team member yet be independent as necessary
  • Exercise sound judgment and initiative
  • Comfortable with computers and web-based apps


  • Competitive compensation
  • Full-time employment with a supportive and collaborative team
  • Materials reimbursement for resources essential to the classroom
  • Processes that foster a work-life balance
  • Mentorship and training
  • Multiple opportunities to work with other team members to develop programs to support the needs of families as well as the growth of the practice
  • A fun and rewarding work environment
  • Health/dental/vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Short-term disability and other supplemental insurance policies
  • 401(k) with company match