Senior Speech/Language Pathologist – Leadership Team

Is your belief that for care to be beneficial, it must take the whole child into account? Could your job be done more effectively if you were supported by a team of individuals that shared your holistic approach? Wouldn’t it be great if you enjoyed coming to work and had the resources you needed to provide the care you want?

Basal Therapies believes that by focusing on foundational learning, there is an increased likelihood of future progress. Our holistic approach encompasses all the developmental domains in a synergistic fashion, whereby treating the whole child and family, results are greater!

Senior Therapists direct and manage effective clinical service delivery of a team of speech-language pathologists. As a member of the Leadership Team, Senior Therapists contribute to overall goals of the Basal companies. Senior therapists will provide clinical supervision and guidance, valuing growth and enjoying mentoring others. This position reports to the Clinical Director. A minimum of 5 years’ related/clinical experience is required to be eligible for this position.

In addition to supervision of their team, Senior Therapists will provide direct clinical care to clients and their families. Projects and tasks will be managed by Senior Therapists to facilitate continuation and growth of clinical programs and community partnerships of the Basal companies.

As a member of our team, you will work with families to develop programs that aid in a child reaching their fullest potential. Together, you will identify opportunities to exercise the principles and practices of speech-language pathology. You will be a support to parents and connect families to additional services, when necessary.

Candidate must have a MA/MS Degree and current state licensure. Experience in providing speech therapy to children under 18 is ideal. Experience with articulation and fluency disorders, social communication, receptive and expressive language disorders and delays sought.

Working as a team member of Basal Therapies, you will be working within a collaborative and innovative environment to bring the vision of “progress through passion” to families in our community! This drives our mission through our passionate providers who share the love for building strong foundations for families and the children that we serve.

Basal Therapies is a multidisciplinary pediatric out-patient clinic providing Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Mental Health services to the community. Group programs and inclusive preschool opportunities are also part of our service offerings. Basal Therapies’ mission is to provide a holistic approach through accessibility to all services under one roof.

Our team is looking to add members who share the same passion and love for team collaboration, working with families, and being an integral piece in growth for our clients.


  • Providing evaluation and treatment to personal caseload
  • Managing tasks/projects as assigned
  • Monitoring and approving documentation of therapists on their team
  • Overseeing treatment planning
  • Mentoring therapists by answering questions and brainstorming strategies for clients
  • Completing performance appraisals and quarterly check-in meetings


  • Excellent analytical skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment when making decisions
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with therapists, families, and clients
  • Problem solving skills when resolving issues and conflicts
  • Detailed knowledge of policies and regulations in the clinical field
  • Ability to delegate and supervise tasks as required